Kagoshima Shincha at the MUJI Community Market in Singapore

The MUJI Community Market in Singapore took place in Plaza Singapura from 8 June to 21 June as part of MUJI’s global effort to bring communities together, connect people and support small businesses. We attended the opening of this pop-up event that featured Kagoshima’s shincha, the first sencha harvest of spring.

Cutting Ceremony of the first harvest of tea leaves from Minami-Kyushu

At the event, various cold brewed shincha, imported from Minami-Kyushu city – in Chiran region – were served. Some were cultivated in mountainous areas and others in flat lowlands. Kagoshima is one of the largest tea-producing regions in Japan today. Its active volcanic soil, with the subtropical mild climate and abundant exposure to sunlight, makes it ideal conditions for cultivating tea. Typical of teas from the Southern part of Japan, the presented teas were fukamushi (deep steamed), as one could see from its dark green and muddy liquor. The array of flavours available, from lightly sweet to deep umami, ensured that there is a satisfying flavour for every palette.

The cold brew shincha served at the event
Tsurugi No Shizuku – Shincha cultivated from fertiliser researched by Kyushu University and without pesticides.

The selection of teas was coming from many different farmers, among which Orita En and Haruichiban – that have collaborated with the Global Japanese Tea Association. And a little surprise: Kagoshima videos of “Tea Regions of Japan” were displayed at the event!

Moreover, paying homage to the Japanese tea culture, the Sado Club from the National University of Singapore performed the traditional Japanese tea ceremony and shared tea with the VIPS, which included representatives from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labor and Fisheries of Kagoshima prefecture.

‘知覧茶’ which means Chiran Tea hangs in the middle of the tearoom

Consistent with MUJI Community Market’s goal, there were also other imported Japanese specialities from small enterprises with a long-standing history.

A look at the products sold at the MUJI Community Market

Thank you MUJI Singapore and Global Japanese Tea Association for the invite!

*The article was written and the photos were provided by our Tea Buddy Sim Jia En. You can follow her tea adventures here.

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