Japanese Tea Conference


Over the past few decades, Japanese tea has been facing numerous challenges. In Japan, it is perceived as too ordinary and outdated, resulting in low domestic interest and a decrease in production over the years. Nonetheless there are people who are working to create the future of Japanese tea. We launched the Japanese Tea Conference in 2023 to spotlight the tea initiatives giving hope for the future and to create a space for tea-minded people to connect. In 2024 we are holding the conference twice: in Tokyo on 21st July, 2024 and in Kyoto on 28th July, 2024. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!


Tokyo 21st July 2024


Tokyo International Exchange Center
Media Hall & Foyer
2-2-1 Aomi, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0064, Japan



Kyoto 28th July 2024


Kyoto International Community House
Special Conference Room
2-1 Awadaguchi Toriicho, Sakyo Ward, kyoto, 606-8436, Japan




The conferences will feature several Japanese Tea Innovators, who have been working on some exciting tea initiatives. At the Tokyo conference, Ryo Iwamoto from TeaRoom will speak about connecting tea industry with tea culture. Mikito Tanimoto from TOKYO TEA JOURNAL will discuss the importance of content in a tea subscription service. Kazuhiro Koyama from Chashutsu-sha will talk about the need of making tea more accessible to everyone, that he is trying to achieve through Japan Matcha Latte Art Competition.

Ryo Iwamoto


Mikito Tanimoto


Kazuhiro Koyama



At the Kyoto conference we will have Eiji Nakamura from Baisa Nakamura to introduce the unique concept of producing fresh tea all year round. Ren Yamagata from Mandokorocha Ennokai will speak about the importance of preserving historic tea regions. Soma Matsumoto from mirume Shinryoku Sabo will discuss the need of getting access to tea in every day life.

Eiji Nakamura

Baisa Nakamura

Ren Yamagata

Mandokorocha Ennokai

Soma Matsumoto

mirume Shinryoku Sabo


During the conference we will also hear from Japanese Tea Evangelists – Japanese university students, who after learning about tea went on a study abroad programs and introduced Japanese tea to their new circles at the destination countries. Last year 30 Japanese Tea Evangelists went to 14 different countries around the world and during the conference we will hear about their activities abroad.


After the presentations we will also have a free-style tea party. This will be a great opportunity to connect with the speakers and other participants, while tasting some award winning Japanese teas. The conference will be concluded with a celebration dinner, that will give an extended chance to make closer connections with tea professionals and tea enthusiasts alike.



Daytime Session

12:30pm Registration
1pm Opening remarks
1:20pm Japanese Tea Innovator speeches
     2:30pm Short break
2:45pm Japanese Tea Evangelist speeches
     4:45pm Short break
5pm Tea Party
6pm End of the daytime session


Evening Session

6:30pm Celebration dinner
8pm End of the evening session


Participation fee

Daytime Session

     Free of charge

Evening Session 

     Regular ticket – 4,000yen
     GJTea members (Tea Fellows, Tea Catalysts) – 2,000yen
     Japanese Tea Evangelists – Free of charge


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