Our Team

Simona Suzuki, née Zavadckyte
Co-Founder & President

Simona has been working with Japanese tea since 2013.

She has been professionally promoting Japanese tea around the world, and has developed several tea education programs.

In 2017 she has published a book about Japanese tea: Japanese Tea - A Comprehensive Guide

Yasuharu Matsumoto 'Matsu'
Co-Founder & Co-Executive Officer

Matsu has been working with Japanese tea since 2004.

With a creative mind and business drive he has developed several innovative programs for Japanese tea, such as a tea subscription box, tea tour, tea internship, etc.


Anna Poian
Co-Founder & Co-Executive Officer

Anna has been involved with Japanese tea since 2016.

By attending tea festivals and holding tea workshops she has been introducing Japanese tea throughout Europe.