Gyokuro (玉露)

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Spring is when some of the most prized Japanese teas are made. Called ‘jade dew’, Gyokuro is one of the highest-grade teas of this season. Rich an umami unlike any other tea, Gyokuro is appreciated in Japan and around the world. But how did it come to be and how is it produced? The story […]

Shincha (新茶)

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Many have heard this word, but what does it mean? It seems there is quite a bit of confusion around it. Translated from Japanese shincha (新茶) literally means ‘new tea’. Following this it seems it could refer to any new tea. Usually, however, it is used to describe tea harvested and processed in spring season. […]

Bologna Tea Festival 2019

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Bologna Tea Festival In Tè Festival in Italy was fun and inspiring! 9 people attended our workshop on regional banchas. To our surprise, bancha is lately quite known in Italy, but most of what can be found is summer or autumn harvest. The persons that joined were then surprised to taste many different flavours compared to what […]