“Encuentro en Kioto”: Tea Tasting Event in Argentina 

On 16th May tea expert Mirna from Keep Calm and Drink Tea hosted “Encuentro en Kioto”, a workshop on teas from Kyoto at the Janabi Tea House and Art Gallery in Buenos Aires. This charming venue, deeply influenced by Japanese culture, is managed by its owner Carina, who has seamlessly woven her family’s cultural heritage into every corner of Janabi.

For two hours, attendees explored a wide selection of Japanese teas from Kyoto region, carefully chosen  during the Japanese Tea Master Course last October. The tastings were divided into three groups: “Popular Teas” (bancha, sencha, gyokuro), “Special Kinds” (kukicha, hojicha, genmaicha) and “Rare Japanese Teas” (Japanese oolong and wakoucha).

Participants delved into the history and production of Japanese tea, learning traditional infusion methods used in Japan to enhance each tea’s unique qualities. Demonstrations included hot, warm, and cold infusions, providing a comprehensive and enriching experience.

This event was an excellent opportunity for both tea enthusiasts and beginners eager to discover the secrets of Japanese tea. The workshop’s atmosphere allowed attendees to fully immerse themselves in Japan’s tea culture, gaining a deeper appreciation for its subtlety and depth.

* Image and text by our Tea Fellow Mirna Screpante.

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