Kuchikiri Tea Ceremony

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November is the perfect time to start writing about the Tea Ceremony. It is a moment of change, and new beginnings. October in Japan has been warm, but towards the end of the month, close to November, you can start feeling that fall finally is here. The fallen leaves on the floor of the street, […]

GJTea Pioneer Members: Jules Reyes

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Jules has a passion for Japanese tea and community. She is the creator of three Instagram communities centered around helping people discover matcha in San Francisco (@matcha.sf), Los Angeles (@matcha.la), and New York City (@matcha.nyc). In 2017, she co-hosted the United States’ first Matcha Festival in San Francisco bringing together thousands of matcha lovers. Presently, […]

Film Screening: Japanese Tea Documentary

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We are happy to say that we will be holding a film screening of the Japanese Tea Documentary together with its producer Makoto Takatsu. Released just this May, the documentary was created to share the outlook of Japanese tea by Japanese tea lovers and professionals.  The event will involve an online film screening and we […]

Batabatacha (バタバタ茶)

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Originally introduced from China, Batabatacha is the Japanese post-fermented tea that bears the closest similarity to Chinese pu-erh. It is typical to the town of Asahi in Toyama Prefecture, and the city of Itoigawa in Niigata Prefecture. It was also produced in Fukui Prefecture until 1976. Considering that in the Japanese language the onomatopoeic word […]

Ishizuchi Kurocha (石鎚黒茶)

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History Ishizuchi kurocha is an extremely rare tea. It has been produced in Japan for centuries, but its precise origins, always associated with the same legends about monk Kōbō Daishi and its legacy, remain nebulous and elusive as they fade in the fogs of history. The tea’s production is unique to Ehime Prefecture where it […]

Goishicha (碁石茶)

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History Goishicha’s production is almost exclusively limited to the area around Ootoyo town in Kōchi prefecture, where it is registered as a trademark of the Ootoyo Town Goishicha Cooperative. The exact moment of its start in Japan is unknown but it is thought that goishicha first appeared in the 18th century. Although historically not attested, […]