Unveiling the Delights of Japanese Tea: A Celebration at the Kittsee Tea Festival in Austria

Kittsee Tea Festival was held for the first time on 3rd June in Austria in a picturesque location, bringing together tea lovers, tea vendors and tea-ware artists in a joyous convergence. It was an occasion that showcased great varieties of tea, highlighting their distinct characteristics and the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into their production. Different tea houses, invited to step inside and experience a great variety of tea tasting, each offering a glimpse into the diverse world of tea. Enthusiasts and aficionados gathered to immerse themselves in the alluring world of tea as the beautiful scent of freshly brewed tea filled the air. A Czech importer named Rishe Tea offered tea from Japanese pioneers and innovators of organic agriculture, with whom he has a personal connection and a mutual love of fine tea.

With Rishe-Tea, Japanese tea played a prominent role in the festival.

Three of the different teas that Rishe-Tea presented at the festival are worth trying again. The first choice was a Gyokuro with deep umami aromas, a gentle sweetness, and a vivid but delicate green color. According to Rishe-Tea, the shading procedure raises the amino acid concentration of the tea, giving it a complex, almost buttery flavor and texture. Second, we sampled a fresh Sencha with a grassy flavor, vibrant green hue, and energizing scent. The final infusion had a pleasing astringency and a harmonious balance of sweetness. Finally, we had an organic Kukicha Cold Brew, which had a flavor profile of light, slightly nutty, smooth, and sweet with a hint of sweetness, producing a drink that was refreshing and had a hint of grassiness. Kukicha cold brew is a great option for individuals looking for a caffeine-free beverage because of the mild flavors and low caffeine level.

What a bright and summery combination of colours!

Kittsee Tea Festival serves not only as a celebration of tea but also as a bridge that connects people, cultures, and traditions. It is a reminder that the simple act of savoring a cup of tea can be a profound and transformative experience, evoking a sense of harmony, mindfulness, and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

*The article was written by our Tea Fellow Mirna Screpante. The photos were also provided by Mirna, except the flyer of the festival, whose source is the event organizers. You can follow Mirna’s tea adventures on her instagram page.

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