Japanese Tea Master Course – 2023 June

After the three-year break, we were finally able to hold Japanese Tea Master Courses again and the first course took place in the second half of June. We were so happy to welcome the students, all of who were also our dear members! Some of them were already selling tea or teaching about it. Others were experts of sake, coffee, or ramen. Yet other were researching about it academically or looking for a new path.

The program was packed with tea activities from the morning to the evening, from Monday to Friday. With some navigation through the weather of the rainy season, students were able to visit several tea farms and factories, as well as join two different tea ceremony experiences. And of course, there were many teas to taste and explore including some green teas like gyokuro, tamaryokucha, kamairicha as well as Japanese black teas, oolongs and even rare post-fermented teas. 

It was wonderful to have much much positive tea energy around and were are looking forward to welcoming the next group in Autumn.

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