Non-profit Status at last!

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In Japan there are several kinds of public organisations and it can be confusing sometimes, but to explain it simply, in 2019 GJTea was legally established in Japan as a general incorporated association (一般社団法人in Japanese). Legally speaking it is a public organisation, but without non-profit status. So despite being a public organisation, we did not have […]

Japanese Tea Export Trends

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Recently the Japanese Tea Export Promotion Council has released the latest data on Japanese tea export and it seems 2019 was a year of change. Japan is among the 10th biggest tea producing countries in the world. However, commonly most of the tea produced here has been devoured by the domestic consumption. Export normally accounts […]

Chakabuki Season

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Winter time is the training time for the Japanese Tea Professionals Competition. The competition is based on sensory evaluation of tea. The participants have to identify tea harvesting season from dry tea appearance; tea cultivar from wet tea leaves and the brew, tea kind and producing region from dry tea leaves, etc. The competition also […]