30 Japanese Tea Innovators

We are happy to tell you about the launch of our newest project – 30 Japanese Tea Innovators!

Japanese tea here in Japan is often seen as old-fashioned and the tea industry struggles with the falling demand. However, there are people in Japan working to reverse it by showing how interesting and exciting Japanese tea can be. We wanted to bring them to the spotlight and showcase their activities, hoping this may inspire others to discover Japanese tea and get more involved with it.

Taking an example of various lists, like “Forbes 30 under 30”, “Time 100”, etc., we decided to make a list of most innovative tea people in Japan we could find. The project started nearly a year ago with the search of new and innovative tea projects. Then it took several months of interviews and profile creation in both English and Japanese. And now we are finally happy to present you 30 Japanese Tea Innovators!

Among them you will find people that are bringing new perspective to tea production, culture, even science and more! Who could think you can pack up a bamboo tearoom in a backpack and bring it anywhere in the world? Have you seen a tea factory merged into a café? Or how about enjoying tea on a wooden platform surrounded by the most beautiful tea scenery? These are a few ideas that our tea innovators have brought to reality.

We hope you will enjoy getting to know the 30 Japanese Tea Innovators, the creative tea projects they have developed and the inspiration behind it all.

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