Kuroan Opening – January 2024

Kuroan – a journey back to the universe.

Kuroan is a tea room in Tokyo built by dokodemocha initiative and officially inaugurated on 20th January 2024. Created with the wabicha values, this yojouhan (四畳半, a.k.a 4.5 tatami mats) represents a safe space to enjoy tea. However, behind the mix of traditional and conceptual space designs, there is more than meets the eye. Kuroan is designed to take you on a journey of tea, culture and healing.

It was inspired by the concept of a Gorinto, a figure placed in Buddhist cemeteries, whose objective is to guide deceased souls back to the universe, returning them to where they were created, and so, becoming oneness. The design is influenced by the deepness and darkness of the universe, bringing you to an aware state of mind.

With this in mind, the Black Tea Ceremony was born, becoming the signature tea ceremony of Kuroan. A self-care experience that transports you through three stages: death, healing and rebirth. It involves letting go of what does not serve us anymore, regulating and restoring yourself, and finally getting ready to return to the material world.

Words cannot explain it, you need to feel yourself.

Kuroan hosts different tea related events throughout the month: from its signature Black Tea Ceremony, to traditional tea ceremonies, classes, experiences, and social events. All based around the goal of spreading the art, culture and knowledge of Japanese tea ceremony.

Kuroan is open on a private basis when there are no events going on. Bookings are required in advance.

*Image and text by our Tea Fellow Alba Ameller. You can follow her on her instagram page – dokodemocha.

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