Dai Osaka Ochakai 2024

In January Osaka was bustling with tea as the 5th Dai Osaka Ochakai took place between 20th-21st January.

Over 40 tea producers and sellers joined the event and participants could enjoy teas from all over Japan – from Miyazaki all the way to Saitama. You could see many familiar faces, like Yamamoto-san from Makinohara Yamamotoen, Takatsuka-san from Danouen, Matumoto-san from Kaneroku Matusmotoen and many others. There was even some international representation as well with teas from China, Nepal and Sri Lanka.  And because you cannot enjoy tea without teaware, a few sellers offered some beautiful teapots and cups.

With delicious tea warming up the cold winter days it was a really fun and vibrant event.

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