Nagasaki Ikedoki Tea – a bright new project on the Japanese tea scene

Nagasaki Ikedoki Tea is a new tea project, aiming to inspire tea lovers and travellers who want to gain a better understanding about how tea is grown and processed in Japan.
The opportunity to visit tea fields, a tea factory and taste different local teas in Japan is still quite limited for English speakers as most farmers are not open to visitors, often due to difficulties in communicating.

Ikedoki Tea is based in a town called Higashi-Sonogi, just over an hour’s train ride from Nagasaki city. The town lies next to Omura Bay and with mountains rising straight up to 400 m, the scenery of tea fields, forests and rice paddies, often with a view of the peaceful sea bay behind, can be quite enchanting.

Ikedoki Tea works together with the local tourism association and tea farmers to promote the region’s tea specialties. The region specializes in tamaryokucha, a steamed green tea not often seen outside of Japan.

If you are wondering about the name: ‘ikedoki’ means ‘tea break’ in the Nagasaki dialect.

If you are in Japan, and find yourself near Nagasaki, don’t miss this opportunity to taste the local (award-winning) teas and see the beautiful scenery by yourself.

For more details visit, or contact to ask about availability.
*Written by Marjolein Raijmakers

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