International Tea Trade Services

You may have noticed that Japanese tea and related items are not easy to source. There is not much information in English and other languages about where to find Japanese tea. And even if successful in the first step many tea buyers will be facing language barriers and cultural differences. However, because of the difficult domestic tea situation, more tea producers are curious about the opportunities for their tea abroad. Hence, more Japanese tea may become available for export.

Our team is here to support your tea business and help you create long lasting business relationships. We can provide as little or as much support as you need in sourcing tea and related items (teaware, packaging) from Japan. Please see below for the current list of our services.


Business Introduction*

If you have found someone you would like to trade with, but do not know them personally, we can assist with an official introduction. In Japan trust is very important and Japanese producers will be cautious to start a new business relationship with someone they have not met. An official introduction can add credibility and help open a door in starting a new business relationship


Mediated Communication

It is likely there will be a language barriers and cultural differences when working with Japanese tea producers. We can help to not only translate the communication, but also mediate cultural nuances to ensure a smooth interaction.



Only a few Japanese tea producers speak English or other languages. Our team is here to help with translation in many different forms. Whether you would like to translate any documents, or need help with online or in-person communication, you can rely on us. Our specialty is English – Japanese translation. If you have another language you need help with do get in touch.


Sample Arrangement

By now you may have found a great supplier. But before placing a larger order you will probably wish to try a sample. Our team can help arrange samples with one or several tea suppliers.


Order Processing Arrangement*

Are you ready to place an order? We can assist with stock confirmation, invoicing and other steps in processing your order.


Payment Transfer Arrangement*

Many Japanese tea producers may only have a Japanese bank account that is not able to accept international payments. We can help with payment transfer from international accounts to Japan.


Shipping Arrangement

The tea is ready. Now it just needs to be shipped to you. We can arrange a carrier to ship from Japan to your address and prepare the international shipping documents.


Arrangement of Additional Import/ Export Documents*

Additional documents are required for importing tea to your country? Please let us know and we will do our best to help arrange that for you.


*Only available to our members.


If you are considering any of these services and would like a quote, please get in touch

We are looking forward to working with you and helping your tea business grow with Japanese tea!