A Grant from Wazuka Town Government

We are happy to announce that GJTea has won a grant from Wazuka town government to manage and promote a Wazuka satellite office space. A satellite office space is an office space intended for remote work of companies and individuals. It is commonly equipped with office furniture, WIFI and some office devices (Printer, Projector).

In 2016 Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications started a Satellite Work Project to promote more flexible work styles and revitalize small rural towns. As part of the project over 50 satellite office spaces have been established in small towns around Japan. Wazuka town has also created a satellite office space in a school building, that had been closed down. 

In March GJTea entered the public competition for the grant was was selected over the current Wazuka satellite office manager – Kinki Nippon Tourist. We will start the Wazuka satellite office space management from this April. We plan to use the space for GJTea activities as well as to invite other businesses and organisation to use the space as their satellite office.

If you work with Japanese tea and would like to have a nominal office in a tea region, you can register at our satellite office space for free. By doing so, you will be able to display the address of the satellite office space on your website and other means of communication.  And we will also be glad to add you as a partner on the satellite office space website.

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