Introduction to Japanese Tea at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid

On 20th April we were invited by the Sociedad de Estudios Asiaticos of the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid, Spain, to talk about Japanese tea. The event was organised by the association of Asian studies together with the Robert Schuman institute and it was included in a series of events about gastrodiplomacy.

Our co-founder Anna held the event, where she talked about Japanese tea and our association. She also talked about her personal experience in Japan and the internship program offered by Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms. As the participants were all students of International Relations and especially interested in Asian studies, they were quite excited to hear about this kind of internship.

There was some tea, of course. Anna prepared some cold brew hojicha as a welcome drink. While during the talk she brewed some sencha that was paired with gyuhi mochi (home-made by our friend Utako-san of Wagashi Utatane).

It is always exciting and refreshing to see new young people getting interested in Japanese tea! We hope that many of the participants will keep on diving into the amazing world of tea – and visit a Japanese tea town someday.

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