Wazuka Teatopia Festival 2018


Wazuka is a small tea producing town in Kyoto Prefecture. However, it boasts a long tea cultivation history of over 800 years.

Every years to celebrate the end of the harvesting season, Wazuka holds Teatopia Festival. It usually takes place on the second weekend of November and lasts two days.

In 2018 the festival took place on 10th-11th November. The weather was cool, but beautiful, and it is estimated that over 12,000 people joined the festival – that is more than double of the town population!

Here you can find tea grown locally as well as in other regions of Japan and around the world! You can also try various tea related activities such as tea hand-rolling, tea blind tasting,  tea scoop carving, tea cup decoration as well as hiking trips in the tea scenery and many more. And most dishes served in the festival are flavoured with tea.

In 2019 Teatopia festival will be held again, so if interested please keep an eye on the festival homepage.

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