The Start of the Japanese Tea Intermediate Course Online

While the interest in tea continues to grow, learning about tea in person has been widely limited by the pandemic. Luckily learning online is still possible.

In October 2020 we opened our level 1 – Japanese Tea Foundation Course online, and so far 16 students have completed it.

Now we are happy happy to say that from March 2021 we are starting our level 2 – Japanese Tea Intermediate Course online too.

While the Foundation Course gives a solid introduction to Japanese tea, as it includes tea production and history as well as the main Japanese tea kinds and how to brew them; the Intermediate Course provides a broader understanding of Japanese tea industry and culture. Students also have a chance taste and learn about some more lesser-known Japanese teas.

The Intermediate Course will start on 17th March and we are looking forward to welcoming our first students.

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