Europe 2019

Our team has been travelling around to introduce Japanese tea for many years. This year was the first time GJTea organized the trip. And it this was the first time another tea farmer – Jun from Shizuoka joined the trip. On this trip we visited 6 countries. We were welcomed and hosted by several tea schools and tea organizations in Europe. Some people already knew about GJTea, some we met for the first time. All together it was a wonderful time and we cannot wait until we can spread the wings again. Check out our adventures below.



Berlin, 11th October 2019



Paris, 15th October 2019



London, 16th October 2019



Brussels, 18th-19th October 2019

Ghent, 20th October 2019

The Netherlands

The Hague, 23rd-24th October 2019



Madrid, 25th October 2019

Madrid, 26th October 2019