Sensory Workshop with Japanese Tea

Oh charming Paris. We could not resist. And luckily La QuintEssence – tea school in Paris, always opens their door to us.

The activities of the school are based on the sensory approach – experiencing tea though the five senses. Our events at the La QuintEssence also take this unique approach and combine the two words: the sensory world and the Japanese tea world.

This time we planned the event for about 2.5h, but the topic is deep and wide and it took bout 4h altogether. People were really excited to be part of it.

Along the way we learned, that while some senchas are grassy, some can be quite floral or buttery. Hojicha of course often has roasted aromas, but its aroma can also resemble that of dark fruits, caramel or vanilla.

Our volunteer translator – Gaelle came to help with the event. But after all everyone could speak English, and the translation from French to English ended up being for us.

In a similar event last year we met Julien, who also became a volunteer translator and helped to translate a good part of our website. The dots always connect in some magical way and we are really excited what the future holds.