Japanese Tea Events in Brussels

Chocolate? Beer? Brussels has a lot to offer. And luckily there is space for tea too. A new organization called The Tea Circle in Brussels was really excited to host us, that we decided to spend two days there.

The Tea Circle brings together tea lovers in Brussels and around, and from the first moment we felt the friendly and cosy atmosphere.

We held two activities there: once focused on the most common Japanese tea – sencha, the other one focused on the currently trending matcha. We started with the introduction of what GJTea is and what we do; and then depending on the event everyone got to brew a sencha or make a bowl of matcha.

People really knew about Japanese tea and were curious to a deep level. Everyone nodded when we talked about aracha or tencha.

And a treat for us – one of the organizers had four gorgeous cats, that would pass by now and then curiously looking at what all these people were doing.

A big thank you to Cinzia, Carole, and Maria for such a a nice time together.