Japanese Tea Event in The Hague

It is hard to find tulips in the autumn, but there is always time for tea! ITC Academy in The Hague is a school we have been working with the longest. We have met in 2014, and have visited every year since. This year was no exception and the welcome was above and beyond.

We held one event together, where we delved into different tea regions of Japan. Fukamushi sencha from Shizuoka, gyokuro from Fukuoka, and of course matcha from Kyoto. It was a tea roller-coaster.

And luckily this time we had some time to explore too. Richard and Anja were so kind to take us to the other side of the Netherlands to show us the tea museum there. It is no wonder – The Netherlands had a long history of bringing tea to Europe, so the exhibition was nice and rich.

What an amazing time to spend together. And more ideas in the pipeline.