Meet the Tea Farmer: Toshihiro Kajihara

Many of us love Japanese tea, from rich green matcha, to refreshing bright sencha, to warming roasty hojicha. But do you know where and how your tea is made?

Live Meet the Tea Farmer Events are a unique opportunity to meet the tea heroes, who put all their heart in making tea, and taste their tea while hearing their stories. By attending the event you will have a chance to learn how they started farming tea, what teas they produce and what philosophy guides them. Even more, you will receive 2 teas made by the tea farmer that you can brew at home during the event!

Our next guest is Toshihiro Kajihara – the 3rd generation tea farmer and the president of Kajihara Tea Garden – a small tea farm located in the Ashikita region of Kumamoto prefecture. The Kajihara family started tea farming in the 1950s and currently manages about 2ha of tea fields. Kajihara-san mainly produces pan-fired teas. He has even gone to China and Taiwan for further study pan-fired tea production. During the event you will be able to try two of Kajihara-san’s teas: a refreshing Kamairicha from Koshun cultivar, and a unique Hojicha made by roasting Kamairicha

*These events are interactive, and participants are more than welcome to engage with the tea farmers and ask questions. To keep the events personable, they are limited to 12 participants.


What: Meet the Tea Farmer: Toshihiro Kajihara

When: The event will be held twice at 10am-11:30am and 4pm-5:30pm on 24th August (Japan time)

Language: English and Japanese


  • In Japan:
    • 4,500yen/person regular ticket
    • 4,000yen/person member ticket (Tea Fellow and Tea Catalyst)
  • Abroad:
    • 6,000yen/person regular ticket,
    • 5,500yen/person member ticket (Tea Fellow and Tea Catalyst)

*The ticket fee difference in Japan and abroad is due to the difference in the tea shipping costs.

What is included:

  • live event with a tea farmer over Zoom
  • 2 teas (Kamairicha 60g and Hojicha 80g),
  • shipping fees

Registration: Click the button below to register for the event and you will receive further information on how to join the live event. Your place will be confirmed after the payment is received.


  • 30 days before the event – full refund, excluding transaction fees
  • Less than 30 days before the event  – no refund


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