Meet the Tea Farmer: Ryo Morisaki

Many of us love Japanese tea, from rich green matcha, to refreshing bright sencha, to warming roasty hojicha. But do you know where and how your tea is made?

Meet the Tea Farmer live events provide an opportunity to get to know the tea farmers producing Japanese tea and taste their tea while hearing their stories. By attending the event you will have a chance to learn how they started farming tea, what teas they produce and what philosophy guides them. Even more, you will receive 2 teas made by the tea farmer that you can enjoy while listening to them. These events are interactive, and participants are more than welcome to talk with the tea farmers and ask questions. To keep the events personable, they are limited to 10 participants, so book your place early.

The first tea farmer on this event is Ryo Morisaki from Chaen Morifuku. Ryo is the first in his family to start tea farming and his focus is on natural farming. For the past five years he has been producing tea in Wazuka, Kyoto and during this event you will have a chance to try his naturally grown spring Sencha and spring Hojicha. Join us for an interactive tea time!


What: Meet the Tea Farmer: Ryo Morisaki

When: 8pm-9pm on 22nd July (Japan time)

Language: English (and some Japanese)


  • In Japan:
    • 3,500yen/person regular ticket
    • 3,000yen/person member ticket (Tea Fellow and Tea Catalyst)
  • Abroad:
    • 5,500yen/person regular ticket,
    • 5,000yen/person member ticket (Tea Fellow and Tea Catalyst)

*The ticket fee difference is due to the difference in the tea shipping costs

What is included:

  • 1h live event with a tea farmer over Zoom
  • 2 teas (naturally grown spring Sencha 50g and naturally grown spring Hojicha 50g),
  • shipping fees


Registration: To register for the event please complete the form below and you will receive further information on how to join the event. Your place will be confirmed after the payment is received.

  • In Japan: Registration open until 15th July, 2020
  • Abroad: Registration open until 7th July, 2020

*The registration closing time is different due to the difference in tea shipping duration.


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