Meet The Tea Farmer – Kenta Hosoi

On 23rd September we held our third monthly Meet the Tea Farmer event and our guest tea farmer was Kenta Hosoi – the 5th generation tea farmer from Wazuka, Kyoto.

Hosoi-san enjoyed tea farming from early days and knowing that he would want to continue his family’s tradition he went to study about tea farming in Shizuoka. Now he is not only leading his farm – Hosoi Nouen, but also the Wazuka Tea Hand Rolling Preservation Society, and won the champion’s title in 2018 national competition.

Hosoi-san’s specialty is high grade Japanese loose leaf tea and the participants could try his Gyokuro made with Okumidori cultivar and his Sencha made with Yabukita cultivar. A few participants said that Hosoi-san’s Gyokuro was the best they have had and his Sencha was far better than what they could find in the local tea shops.

To connect with Hosoi-san please visit his tea farm’s instagram page and to see who is our next guest tea farmer you can check the event page.

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