Japanese Tea Master Course – Summer 2019

The interest in Japanese tea has been growing over the past few years and many people are looking for opportunities to learn more about it. Japanese Tea Master Course is likely the only opportunity to get immersed into Japanese tea and learn about it in English. It is the third year to organize the course and since this year it has been managed by the Global Japanese Tea Association.

The course was held between the last week of June and first week of July. We had 8 students from 5 different countries like the USA, France, Spain, Singapore, Indonesia. What a multicultural group! And all of them are either working with tea already or are looking to getting involved with Japanese tea in different ways.

During their time in Wazuka, Kyoto, course students had a chance to participate in several tea harvesting and processing activities, such as picking tea by hand, or harvesting with the harvesting machine. They could also visit several tea factories and meet local tea farmer as well as process some tea by themselves. Experiencing Japanese tea culture was also part of the course, and students attend a Japanese tea ceremony, as well as taste and compare a really wide range of Japanese teas. In the words of one of the students – Chris, the course was a ‘truly excellent and thorough exploration of Japanese tea’.

This year the course will be held twice and the second run will we in the first two weeks of September. Next year we are hoping to offer more courses and you can check the dates here. We hope to welcome you too one day!


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