Japanese Tea Courses in Kyoto

At last Japanese tea courses are returning to Kyoto!  After a two-year break, when our courses were only available online, we are really excited to hold face-to-face courses again. And the first Japanese Tea Foundation Course in Kyoto city will be held on 9th-10th August.

The foundation course is an 8h program, that provides a great opportunity not only to deepen your tea knowledge, but also to gain practical experience with Japanese tea. During the course we will delve into a wide range of topics form Japanese tea history and production to tea kinds and the components inside. You will also be able to brew and taste many popular Japanese teas, including Matcha, Gyokuro, Sencha, Hojicha and more.

For a more personable experience and a chance to ask questions, the course is normally taught in a small group setting. And over a hundred students have completed the course in Japan, around the world and online.

If you wanted to learn about Japanese tea and spend some time in Kyoto – now it is a great chance. Registration is open and our team is looking forward to meeting you soon!

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