Cajomir Fest – Prague Tea Festival 2020

During the past months many events got cancelled or moved to an online mode because of Covid-19. This is why it made us especially happy to hear that Cajomir Fest 2020 – Prague Tea Festival, being an open air event, could take place despite the current times.

This tea festival is quite special. It started in 2009 with the purpose of being a meeting place between tea and art lovers. Thanks to its format, its easy going atmosphere as well as the incredible beauty and quality of Czech artisanal tea pottery, in recent years Cajomir Fest has been growing more and more famous among tea lovers in Europe. This year was the 12th edition and it took place in a park in Prague on the 15th and 16th of August.

Among the many events, stalls and performances at the festival, there was also some Japanese tea! In the photos we can see the Kasmir Teahouse and Czech e-shop Rishe Tea, that specialises in Japanese teas. 

Kasmir Teahouse
All that veggie green in the shiboridashi is organic Gyokuro Chameijin made form Saemidori cultivar by Mr. Sakamoto from Kagoshima prefecture.
Rishe Tea – Gyokuro Chameijin
Among all those colourful packets, there is an organic Shincha Fukamushi Midori by Mr. Toshiaki from Shizuoka region.
Rishe Tea – Shizuoka Shincha
There was even an oolong tea! Organic Haiku Dark Oolong by Mr. Takeshi Suzuki from Shizuoka prefecture.
Rishe Tea – Oolong

Summer couldn’t be without some cold brew and here below you can see the cold brew of “Sakurajima” kukicha again by Mr. Sakamoto.

Rishe Tea – Kukicha

Hopefully we can visit the next year edition!

*Photo credit and all information: Peter Borovicka, tea lover and tea photographer who usually visits the festival. He kindly shared some photos and information from this year’s festival with us.

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