The End of the Video Series “Tea Regions of Japan”

After the 4 full months of exploring various tea regions of Japan, the video series “Tea Regions of Japan” ended in December. Our last stop in December was Saitama and Tokyo Prefectures and we could explore 4 tea growing areas there.

Sayamacha from Saitama and Tokyo is among the three most well know traditional tea brands of Japan. Currently most of it produced in Iruma. Tokorozawa is the second largest tea producer of Sayamacha, and production here expanded when a new agricultural area was created there about 300 years ago. Sayama in Saitama is also where some of Sayamacha is made, but the city name was decided much late, after the tea brand was already very well known. And Sayamacha is made not just in Saitama, but in Tokyo as well. Higashi Yamato in Tokyo is probably one of the most urban tea growing areas in the whole of Japan.

The program was released weekly through the month of December and now can be seen on our youtube channel. On 17th December we also held 2 special events to watch the full 1h program together with our members and featured tea producers. The participants had many questions for our guests, and the series ended in a very bubbly way.

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