New Project – Japanese Tea Evangelist Program

It is well known that, Japanese tea here in Japan is seen as old-fashioned, and young people are rarely drinking it anymore, especially the traditional way. There is an obvious need to invite the younger generation closer to tea. Hence, one of our new projects is the Japanese Tea Evangelist Program.

The program aims at Japanese university students, who will be going to study abroad this year. Students on exchange programs often become ambassadors of their country, introducing their culture to students from other countries. More often than not we hear that Japanese students do not know much about their own culture. Japanese tea being a very deep part of Japanese culture, we are inviting Japanese students to learn about it, so that they can introduce it when they go abroad. This both will help to spread interest in Japanese tea among students around the world and we hope that it will help Japanese students to find a renewed interest in Japanese tea as well.

This year we are aiming to gather 20 students, who will be going abroad to various countries. If you know a Japanese student who is going to study abroad this year, and might be interested in this program, please pass on the information (in Japanese).

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