Meet The Tea Farmer – Ryo Morisaki

The online Meet the Tea Farmer events were started to give Japanese tea farmers a chance to introduce their teas to the international audiences. For the tea professionals and the tea lovers around the world these events also give an opportunity to access hard-to-find high quality Japanese teas and get to know who is behind making them.

On the 29th July we held our very first Meet the Tea Farmer event with Ryo Morisaki, a tea farmer from Wazuka, Kyoto. Morisaki-san started tea farming in 2015 and was the first in his family to take this endeavor. With education in environmental engineering, Morisaki-san’s values sustainable farming and pays special attention to the environment and surroundings. His teas, therefore, are made naturally, free from chemical substances.

During the event Morisaki-san presented two of his teas: naturally grown spring Sencha and spring Hojicha. Participants, spanning across three time zones: Japan, Europe and North America, appreciated Morisaki-san’s explanation and his teas so much, that the session went over by nearly half an hour. You can find Morisaki-san’s teas through his online shop – Chaen Morifuku.

The events are held monthly and to find out who is our next guest tea farmer please visit our event page.

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