Japanese Tea Event in Romans d’Isonzo, Italy

On 25th May Anna was invited by her hometown’s city council and by the local Karate-do group “ASD Sakura CSS” to give a talk about the tradition of Japanese tea. The event took place in the beautiful town’s library and it turned out to be quite a success: around 55 people participated! 

Anna talked a little bit about the history of tea in Japan, its traditions and its ceremonies. Also what the tea situation is nowadays and about the goals of our association. 

There was – of course! – some tea to taste. The day was very hot, so the first tea served was a very refreshing cold brew genmaicha made with fukamushi sencha. During the seminar, Anna made a little demonstration of how to prepare matcha and offered it to the karate sensei. After that, matcha was prepared for everyone. Most of the participants had never tasted matcha – or any Japanese tea – before. 

We are looking forward to be back in Romans d’Isonzo again. A photo exhibition about Japanese tea will be organised after the summer. 

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