Expo Café México 2023

Expo Café México – the annual coffee festival in Mexico City, was held from 7th to 9th September 2023. In recent times, the interest in tea has been increasing very fast. Tea blends used to be more common and the high-quality teas were rare to find. However, in the last two years, high-quality teas have started becoming popular and some tea companies began to bring them to cafes and restaurants.

That is the case of a tea brand founded by Fabiola Pastor and Salvador Sosa, who brought tea from Yame, specifically from a tea master called Soshi Hagimura. During the Expo Café México Hagimura-san gave a aado explanation. The matcha he prepared was incredibly great! It was strong, very sweet with some light bitterness. At the same time, there was another tea master who gave a senchado demonstration, during which I tasted some gyokuro, and I was very impressed by the sweet flavor and the beautiful ceremony.

What I enjoyed the most was that I could share with them what I have been learning about Japanese Tea in my GJTea courses. They seemed very pleased to hear about my experiences. They also recommended me to go to Mie and visit The Grand Shrine of Ise. I’m looking forward to visiting Mie and drinking some Mie’s tea on my next trip to Japan in October 2023.

The article and image are by our Tea Fellow Diana Juàrez. You can follow Diana on her instagram.

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