Tea Collaborators: Julien Marinier (French Translation)

Your name:                    Julien

Where are you based:  Paris, France

What do you do:             Manager / Tea Instructor beginner / Tealovers 


Please briefly introduce yourself. What is your story with tea?

I started my story with tea in a rather unusual way. In college I started to read and watch a lot of manga ( France is the second biggest country for the manga 🙂 ) . One thing intrigued me particularly, the color of tea, it was green !
At that time I‘d never seen tea with a green liquor, even the “green tea” was yellow.
So I started to search for tea with a green liquor, and I met the japanese tea and It was the start of my wonderful journey in the fascinating world of tea. And my love for japanese tea never fails 😉

Why did you want to get involved with GJTea?

I love the project of GJtea and I love Japanese tea so it was obvious for me 🙂

In collaboration with GJTea what has been your role so far?

Principally French Translator for the Website

What is your favourite way to make tea?

I love all the ways to make tea ! But I think my favorite way is maybe Gong fu, because we can discover with a lot of details the deep personality of the tea

When did you start liking tea?

15 years ago (…. the time passed so fast ! )

How did you discover Japanese tea?

By the manga, maybe with Naruto I think or with Rurouni Kenshin. The characters drink tea daily with lunch or dinner and for a french guy like me It was weird and fascinating ! Because tea is basically for breakfast or for “the gouter” ( the translation is teatime but It’s nearly never with tea in France so I prefer to write the original word 🙂 ) like a hot chocolate.

Where do you look for Japanese tea?

On the Web mostly, and sometimes in my favorite tea shops when the arrival is good

What do you think is the future of Japanese tea in your country?

I think France and Japan have a lot in common. And Japanese tea is one of the treasures of Japan that can become very popular in France with some time.

What are your tea-related dreams for the future?

Work directly with wonderful tea producers in the world, in particular in Japan, and teach Japanese tea to my students. 

Your message to fellow tea enthusiasts: 

Spread the message of tea in the world! In our society tea seems to say to take time to live our life in the present time, and we need it so much. We need also to make an effort for the preservation of the ecosystem of the tea tree and improve a good relationship with the environment.

Thank you Julien!

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