Tea Personalities

Tea Collaborators: Julien Marinier (French Translation)

Your name:                    Julien

Where are you based:  Paris, France

What do you do:             Manager / Tea Instructor beginner / Tealovers 


Please briefly introduce yourself. What is your story with tea?

I started my story with tea in a rather unusual way. In college I started to read and watch a lot of manga ( France is the second biggest country for the manga 🙂 ) . One thing intrigued me particularly, the color of tea, it was green !
At that time I‘d never seen tea with a green liquor, even the “green tea” was yellow.
So I started to search for tea with a green liquor, and I met the japanese tea and It was the start of my wonderful journey in the fascinating world of tea. And my love for japanese tea never fails 😉

In collaboration with GJTea what has been your role so far?

Principally French Translator for the Website

What is your favourite way to make tea?

I love all the ways to make tea ! But I think my favorite way is maybe Gong fu, because we can discover with a lot of details the deep personality of the tea

When did you start liking tea?

15 years ago (…. the time passed so fast ! )

How did you discover Japanese tea?

By the manga, maybe with Naruto I think or with Rurouni Kenshin. The characters drink tea daily with lunch or dinner and for a french guy like me It was weird and fascinating ! Because tea is basically for breakfast or for “the gouter” ( the translation is teatime but It’s nearly never with tea in France so I prefer to write the original word 🙂 ) like a hot chocolate.

Where do you look for Japanese tea?

On the Web mostly, and sometimes in my favorites tea shops when the arrival is good

Thank you Julien!

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