Nihoncha Award 2023

The Nihocha Award, a celebration of Japan’s finest teas, returned in 2023. This year, an impressive 538 teas from all around the country entered the competition and were meticulously evaluated over 3 rounds between August and November.

While the first two rounds took place only in Japan, the third and final round welcomed global participants as well, attracting more than a thousand people to select the top tea. With us lending a helping hand, our Tea Catalysts in Belgium, Italy, Canada and UAE also took part in selecting the best tea of this year.

The culmination came at the Tokyo Tea Party, held from 24th to 26th November in Tokyo, where the winner was revealed. Heartiest congratulations to Tokkoen from Kagoshima, with their deep-steamed tea – Yukifuka Kiwami, which emerged as this year’s winner.

Image source: Nihoncha Award

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