Japanese Tea Master Course – 2023 October

The second Japanese Tea Master Course in 2023, just took place in October. It was a true tea roller coaster with many exciting tea excursions and countless cups of tea!

12 students spanning 4 different continents all gathered in Kyoto. Each came with a different background. Some were already working with tea. Some connected with tea from different fields (like hospitality or academia). Yet some were looking to grow their passion into something new. They spent 2 weeks together learning about Japanese tea and gaining a deeper understanding of the tea culture here.

And of course, there was plenty to learn! The course included a mix of classroom sessions and field visits. We had also had many distinguished tea professionals to come share their knowledge and experience. Students were able to try their hand at traditional tea rolling by hand, attend senchado (tea ceremony with sencha), visit a tea research institute and much more. With countless cups of tea every day, 2 weeks passed in a blink of an eye.

While this was the last master course this year, we are planning to hold it again next year and will share the details in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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