Japanese Tea Evangelist Program 2023

Started in 2022, The Japanese Tea Evangelist Program invites Japanese university students to learn together about Japanese tea and then to help expand its reach at their study abroad destinations. After the success last year, this year it is the second time to run the program.

This year we received 68 applications in total! 30 selected Japanese tea evangelists started the program in July. Between 10th-18th July they took an 8-hour online course about Japanese tea and learned about Japanese tea history, production, different tea kinds as well as brewing methods. The first part of the program was delivered by the special guest – Professor Yoriyuki Nakamura.

Besides the online program Japanese tea evangelists are also joining our Japanese Tea Conferences and attending the tea tours in Ibaraki and Kyoto to be able to understand Japanese tea at a deeper level. Then at the end of summer/beginning of autumn, they will depart for their study abroad destinations – 15+ countries across 5 continents! We will continue following their tea journey.

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