GJTea Pioneer Members: Susanne Lang

My name is Susanne Lang from Germany and I am very honored to be a member of the Global Japanese Tea Association. My goal is to introduce Japanese Tea especially to German people, my focus is to ensure that premium Japanese Tea is served in German Hotels and Restaurants.

My 15 years hospitality experience in Germany, Switzerland, US, Dubai and Japan, and my work experience as a Sales Manager in a German Tea company have awoken my interest of Tea. I have always been fascinated that with only ‘‘two leaves and one bud‘‘ the tea farmers are creating many different flavours for Tea Lovers.

Travelling through Japan, I found out about a tea tour at Obubu Tea in Wazuka-cho near Kyoto. The warm welcome, the wonderful stories about tea and standing in a tea field overlooking Wazuka-cho, one of ‘‘100 most beautiful villages in Japan‘‘ had me finally hooked. The Japanese Tea Master Course with Global Japanese Tea Association (supported by Obubu Tea) – a year later – enabled me to immerse even more in Japanese Tea culture, along with Tea enthusiasts around the world, who have become friends.

During the production of our own hand-rolled tea, my nickname became ‘‘The german dancing tea lady‘‘, and I want to show in my blog stories and coaching the joy of Japanese Tea culture.

Supporting the cause of the Global Japanese Tea Association to bring ‚‘‘Japanese Tea to the world‘‘ has brought me in contact with many interesting connections around the world. Tea is not only a beverage. Japanese Tea culture shows perfection, attention to detail, caring, patience.

All these attributes are included in my consulting services, which I offer at Horenso Consulting. My own company focuses on hotel and restaurants and coaching employees by using HO-REN-SO. It is utilized as a basic business rule in Japan to conduct smooth business communication.

My passion will always be Tea – Stories, Tea Tourism, Premium Tea all these can be found on my website as well. I would like to be the connection between people interested in Japanese Tea culture and the tea experts living in Japan. I can highly recommend being a partner of Global Japanese Tea Association to have access to the full knowledge of international tea lovers.

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