GJTea Pioneer Members: Alba Ameller

My name is Alba Ameller, and I am very honored to be a member of the Global Japanese Tea Association.
My goal is to revitalize the art of Japanese Tea Ceremony for everyone’s joy.

Allow me to share my journey up now, and little bit of my background down below:


Originally from Barcelona, Alba flew to Tokyo in 2013 to work, and has been here ever since.

Alba discovered the art of Japanese tea ceremony at a very little age, through a book her father introduced her to Japan. And she became fascinated.

The visuals and architecture of the space made her feel like everything fell in place. A very solemn space, with so many little elements.

When life brought her to Japan, she couldn’t miss the opportunity to get immersed in the Japanese traditional arts world, and started learning under her teacher’s line – Omotesenke.

One evening, talking with her sensei, she discovered that the tea ceremony was getting lost. The new generations in Japan are no longer much interested in Japanese arts, having so many options and cultures to learn from abroad. At the same time tea ceremony and kimono wearing worlds were seen by the youth as a very strict environment, and not made to be enjoyed.

She realized that the loss of the tea ceremony will not only impact culture, but also local business. Local artisans specialized in the beautiful tools and the world around the tea ceremony. From pottery, kimono textile, tea room architecture, woodwork, painting, flower arrangement, and so on, all those ancient techniques could be lost through time.

Her sensei expressed how grateful she was to have someone from so far away, interested so passionately about the tea ceremony.

From that moment, Alba made her mission to revitalize the art of Japanese tea ceremony for everyone’s joy. Share with the world the beautiful movements, learnings and background involved in the tea ceremony. As well as, the benefits that it offers to your mind and body.

Through the years Alba has taken different levels of Omotesenke licenses. And from 2021, she started to get deeper into the study of tea production with the Global Japanese Tea Association courses. “I want to understand the effort behind how tea arrives in my tea container”. As an ultimate goal, create, share and enjoy experiences that look into tea ceremonies from different perspectives and spaces.

A moment to pause, focus and reflect.

Before Covid19, she performed at places such as Higo Hosokawa Garden, Tokyo National Museum and Alishan Bamboo forest in Taiwan.

Now, you will find her building small initiatives and experiences to revitalize the art of Japanese tea ceremony, at her Instagram account @dokodemocha.

There you will find her weekly tea ceremony lessons, Live Virtual Japanese Tea Ceremonies, and information related to the tea ceremony culture and tea world.


Thank you to everyone who took a moment of their time to read my B. Please feel free to contact me if anything I said resonates with you, and would like to work together. Let’s have a cup of tea together!

Alba Ameller

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