Sakurai Tea in Tokyo

Japanese tea continues to be popular abroad. But where can you enjoy it in Japan? It might be surprising to know that here tea houses and tea rooms are not that prevalent, and it can take some effort to find a really special place. One such place we would like to introduce today is Sakurai Tea in Omotesendo – one of the busy shopping districts of Tokyo.

Opened in 2014, Sakurai provides a rare chance to experience Japanese tea and get away from daily worries. It is a beautifully designed space, where every detail is thought out. But don’t get deceived, Japanese tea is the main focus here. You can try a variety of teas from different regions and different producers.

The most popular way to enjoy tea here is to try one of Sakurai tea courses. Each course invites to try a few different kinds of Japanese teas, that are paired with matching sweets or savory bites. Some of the teas may be bended or roasted right in front of you. Dedicated and knowledgeable staff is here to guide you through the experience. The menu is updated regularly to include seasonal specialties and find new tea combinations. So every time you visit Sakurai Tea you may be surprised with something new.

Next time in Tokyo, save some time for a relaxing and refreshing tea experience.

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