Information about Japanese Tea

Here, you will find various information about Japanese: form cultivation and processing to different kinds, brewing and more. The information presented here is based on sources in Japan and as up-to-date as possible.

Japanese Tea Information

Japanese Tea Events Calendar

Here is the yearly calendar of trade shows, exhibitions and festivals related to Japanese tea. The dates for the current year will be updated once they are announced by the organizers. If you would like to suggest an event related to Japanese tea, please email us at January 17th-18th January, 2020 Tokyo Tea Festival, […]

Japanese Tea Kinds

In this section we would like to introduce you to the range of teas produced in Japan. Some of them vary slightly region to region, and may have different names depending on where they are produced. As tea farmers in Japan are becoming more and more open to experimenting with tea production, the list of […]

Japanese Tea Brewing

The Importance of Tea Brewing The result of the tea we taste is influenced by many things: how the tea is grown, how it is processed, and last but not the least how it is brewed. Depending on how the tea is brewed, even a simple tea can shine and even a premium tea can […]

Japanese Tea Growing Regions

Japan is the 8th largest tea producing country and is known to grow tea in the southwest of Japan. The two largest regions of tea production are Shizuoka and Kagoshima. The Kyoto region is famous for its long history of the start of Japanese tea. Yet, there are many unique green teas in the regions […]

Japanese Tea Cultivation

Tea plants can grow in the wild by themselves with no human intervention whatsoever. To produce tea, that we enjoy so much, however, some level of human involvement is necessary: be it simply picking leaves from the tea plants or tending to the tea plants more rigorously. Here we will talk about the tea plant […]

Japanese Tea Processing

If you tried to taste a leaf just picked from a tea plant, you would realize that it doesn’t taste like tea. Harvested tea leaves need to be processed first to develop tea qualities we appreciate so much. In fact, depending on the process applied, the same tea leaf can become green tea, oolong tea, […]

Japanese Tea Culture

Today Japanese tea is seen as an inseparable part of Japanese culture. In Japan tea production and consumption started centuries ago. Through time tea enjoyment here changed and transformed, but it has adamantly continued to the present day. And today Japanese tea ceremony – one of the cultural symbols of Japan, has become widely known […]

Japanese Teaware

The combination of tea leaves and water creates the refreshing liquid we call tea. The magic, however doesn’t just happen on its own. Some utensils – or in other words – teaware, are necessary for that. Every country has different tea culture and uses different teaware for making and enjoying tea. In this section we […]

Japanese Tea Contacts

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