The teas of the Kirishima Region have the typical Kagoshima rich full bodied characteristics. The flavor and aroma is more delicate and clear however and the tea infusion is a clear yellow-green. Kirishima can be divided into two sub-regions Mizobe (溝 辺) and Makizono (牧 園):

Sencha and Kabusecha is mainly grown in the Miyazaki region. The Sencha, produced mainly in the mountains of Makizono is classified among the best in Japan. 

Kirishima’s organic Gyokuro achieves an extremely high quality and is can easily be argued as one of the best organic Gyokuro’s in Japan . The cultivation of good Gyokuro in organic quality is extremely difficult and are compared with conventionally grown Gyokuro undervalued . However, the new organic Gyokuro from Kirishima can match and can even surpass the quality of the good to fine Gyokuros from the non-organic cultivation of Uji and Yame.