Live Japanese Tea Session with Ian Chun

Live Japanese Tea Session is a conversation with a Japanese tea professional about their discovery of Japanese tea, current activities and the present tea situation in their city or country. It is a great opportunity to learn more from the people in Japan and around the world, who are working with Japanese tea and hear their stories.

Our next guest is going to be Ian Chun the founder of Matcha Latte Media and its e-commerce platform for Japanese tea Yunomi. After helping a small tea farm in Kyoto, Ian launched his company in 2012 and since then has been working with over 160 Japanese tea farmers and craftsmen. During the Live Japanese TeaSession, we will talk with Ian about start of Yunomi, his work with Japanese tea farmers and his ideas for the future. Tune in for a global conversation about Japanese tea.

What: Japanese Tea with Ian Chun

When: 11am on 11th December (Japan time)

Where: The tea session will be broadcasted live on our facebook page. Anyone can join this event and ask questions in the comments of the video