Global Japanese Tea Party

Would you like to connect with like minded people and share a cup of Japanese tea? Let’s have a Global Japanese Tea Party!

More and more people love Japanese tea, but usually we are very dispersed and far away from each other. The Global Japanese Tea Party is a great opportunity to meet other Japanese tea lovers and professionals working with Japanese tea. We often have Japanese tea farmers join and share their stories too.

Global Japanese Tea Party is essentially is a free-style event, where everyone can join the conversation while brewing Japanese tea from your own home.  And all you need is tea, hot water and a laptop or a smartphone with Zoom on it.

What: Global Japanese Tea Party (in a digital space)
When: TBD
Language: English and Japanese
What to prepare: Japanese tea, hot water, teaware and a smartphone or pc (with Zoom on it)
Admission: It is free and everyone is welcome to join. Please register below and invite your friends to register too