Kombucha with Japanese tea

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Kombucha is a fermented drink made from tea, whose origins are thought to be in north-eastern China sometime around 200 BC. Rich in probiotics, this drink has recently been seeing a boom in Western world thanks to its alleged good properties; it is made by adding tea with sugar or honey to a symbiotic culture […]

Senchado (煎茶道)

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Tea ceremonies are a part of the Japanese culture, where the host and guests come together in a tea room to participate a performance of the traditional ritual. Many are familiar with Sado, the tea ceremony that involves Matcha. The other tea ceremony, Senchado, that involved Sencha, is much rarer; and unlike Sado, that has […]

Kyobancha (京番茶)

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March is the month when winter sets off and tea plants are pruned to be prepared for the incoming spring. The big leaves that came all this way through winter, are the very last leaves of the year. Because very coarse, in some regions are just cut off and used as fertiliser. Nevertheless, in some places […]