Nihoncha Award 2021

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After a one year break Nihoncha Award is back to select the best Japanese teas. The tea competition is normally organized in 3 rounds where both tea professionals and tea lovers, people in Japan and abroad can contribute to the selection of the best teas. The competition was started in 2014 with the goal to […]

Matcha (抹茶)

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Matcha (抹茶) is one of the most traditional teas in Japan and it has even evolved into a way of life. For the past few years we have seen matcha booming all around the world. The catchy bright green colour, the different ways it can be used, the so much mentioned health benefits, its very […]

Goishicha (碁石茶)

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History Goishicha’s production is almost exclusively limited to the area around Ootoyo town in Kōchi prefecture, where it is registered as a trademark of the Ootoyo Town Goishicha Cooperative. The exact moment of its start in Japan is unknown but it is thought that goishicha first appeared in the 18th century. Although historically not attested, […]